R Scott Bakker – Aspect Emperor 01 & 02

An epic fantasy series of novels written by Canadian author R. Scott Bakker, the second of three series that make up The Second Apocalypse cycle. It is a sequel to The Prince of Nothing trilogy and will be followed by another final series (either a trilogy or a duology) named The No-God. The events of Read more

R. Scott Bakker – Prince of Nothing 01-03

The Prince of Nothing is a series of three fantasy novels by the Canadian author R. Scott Bakker, the first book of which was published in 2003, part of a wider series known as The Second Apocalypse. The trilogy details the emergence of Anasûrimbor Kellhus, a brilliant monastic warrior, as he takes control of a Read more

War Cry

War Cry is a short, action-oriented novella by Brian McClellan. Like his previous works in the Powder Mage Trilogy universe, the author mixes magic and more modern methods of warfare together to create a unique world. On the high plains, war is life. Teado has been a part of the war effort for as long Read more

The Dark Artifices 01-03

The Dark Artifices trilogy by Cassandra Clare is chronologically the fourth series in The Shadow-hunter Chronicles and a sequel to The Mortal Instruments. It is set in Los Angeles. Centered around the protagonist, Emma Carstairs, the series follows her journey as a Shadow-hunter at the Los Angeles Institute, and her life with her best-friend and Read more