Within the Woods

Within the Woods
Title: Within the Woods
Published: 10/10/2018
ISBN: 1728639662
ISBN13: 9781728639666
Page Count: 372
File Size: 1.5 MB

Don’t go in the woods…
For 12-year-old Garrett and his four best friends, the idyllic summer of 1989 crashes to a halt when Garrett’s older brother vanishes.
Something is very wrong in Sallow Creek, Pennsylvania.
Something is turning their neighbors, their relatives, into unstoppable monstrosities…
Monsters that are coming for the them.
Their small town is under siege, but the adults refuse to believe the truth. Can five young misfits and outcasts save the day?
For fans of Stranger Things, Stephen King, Stand By Me, The Goonies, etc. comes a thrilling new novel from #1 best-selling horror author Tony Urban.
Read Within the Woods now because growing up has never been so scary.

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