The Other Side of Me

The Other Side of Me: A Memoir
Title: The Other Side of Me: A Memoir
Published: 11/8/2005
ISBN: 0446532673
ISBN13: 9780446532679
Page Count: 363
File Size: 0.4 MB

America’s premier storyteller shares the story of his own life in a frank and revealing book that rivals any of his fictional tales.

Sidney Sheldon is truly an entertainment legend: Author of over a dozen best sellers, Academy Award-winning screenwriter, and creator of some of television’s greatest hits, he has lived a singularly fascinating life. Sheldon has seen and done it all, and now in this candid memoir, he shares his story for the first time, talking about the personalities, highs, and lows that have made his career and life so captivating.

From a depression-era childhood in Chicago to an Air Corps stint in World War II to the bright lights and hot parties of New York and Los Angeles, Sidney Sheldon has lived the kind of life most people could never imagine… until now.

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