The Little Prince

Le Petit Prince
Title: Le Petit Prince
Series Number: 1
Published: 11/2019
ISBN: 0156012197
ISBN13: 9780156012195
Page Count: 85
File Size: 1.2 MB

This strange and lovely parable, written as much for adults as for children, and beautifully illustrated by the author, has become a classic of our time.

The narrator, an air pilot, tells how, having made a forced landing in the Sahara Desert, he meets the little prince. The wise and enchanting stories the prince tells about the planet where he lives with three volcanoes and a haught flower, about the other planets and their rulers, and about his fight with the bad seeds, make him an entrancing, unforgettable character.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was a novelist and professional air pilot. He wrote The Little Prince a year before his death in 1944.

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