The Leader In You

The Leader In You
Title: The Leader In You
Published: 1/1/2018
ISBN: 9352665023
ASIN: 9352665023
Page Count: 216
File Size: 1.8 MB

To be a successful leader, one needs to not only carry out good work but also, present his or her thoughts effectively like a great speaker. Great leaders always hold faith in their deeds and decisions. They understand the value and power of their words. Deep understanding of human psychology enables Dale Carnegie to guide his readers choose right and fruitful alternatives in life. The present book, The leader in you, equips the readers with the skills of delivering effective and enthusiastic speeches and plays an important role in the process of making them great leaders.

Finding the Leader in You.
Starting to Communicate.
Motivating People.
Expressing Genuine Interest in Others.
Seeing Things from the other Person’s Point of View.
Respecting the Dignity of Others.
Recognition, Praise, and Rewards.
Handling Mistakes, Complaints, and Criticism.
Creating a Positive Mental Attitude.

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