The Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson

The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson
Title: The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson
Published: 10/12/2003
ISBN: 1593080506
ISBN13: 9781593080501
Page Count: 400
File Size: 1.0 MB

Dickinson’s poetry is remarkable for its tightly controlled emotional and intellectual energy. The longest poem covers less than two pages. Yet in theme and tone her writing reaches for the sublime as it charts the landscape of the human soul. A true innovator, Dickinson experimented freely with conventional rhythm and meter, and often used dashes, off rhymes, and unusual metaphors—techniques that strongly influenced modern poetry. Dickinson’s idiosyncratic style, along with her deep resonance of thought and her observations about life and death, love and nature, and solitude and society, have firmly established her as one of America’s true poetic geniuses.

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