Secrets of the Prophetic

Secrets of the Prophetic
Title: Secrets of the Prophetic
Published: 11/1/2005
ISBN: 0768423120
ISBN13: 9780768423129
Page Count: 190
File Size: 0.1 MB
In this book, you will discover amazing and practical truths about the realm of the prophetic from a man who is a prophet to the nations and who answers such questions as:

Why is the prophetic ministry so necessary today? How do I respond to a word from the Lord? Will God speak directly to me? Can God speak to me in different ways? What are the duties, responsibilities, and mandates of a true prophet?

You will be encouraged and strenghthened as you read the accounts of Old Testament prophets as they heard God and responded to Him, and you will sense your own destiny unfold as you come to understand that you don’t need someone else to reveal God’s destiny for your life.
Remember, God speaks directly to all his people, and that includes you!
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