Secrets from Beyond The Grave

Secrets from Beyond The Grave A Biblical Guide to the Mystery of Heaven, Hell and Eternity
Title: Secrets from Beyond The Grave A Biblical Guide to the Mystery of Heaven, Hell and Eternity
Published: 9/7/2010
ISBN: 1616381574
ISBN13: 9781616381578
Page Count: 248
File Size: 0.3 MB

From books, to movies, to TV shows, heaven, hell, and the afterlife are popular subjects today. Perry Stone brings his unique blend of Bible knowledge, prophecy, and spiritual insight to the topic in this comprehensive look at the afterlife. If you do believe in two worlds beyond this one world, and desire more insight into what you will encounter, seconds after departing this life, then this book will answer your questions. In this book, Perry Stone takes the reader through a journey into the underworld to show you what hell will be like for those who depart this life without a salvation experience. He will also discuss the location and purpose of Paradise�the temporary home for Christians who have died. When we depart from this shell of clay, there are only two locations where our eternal spirit and soul will remain until the Resurrection and Judgment Day. It is this unseen world of departed souls that the author explores with readers. In one location, the dead are even praying you will never come there. In the other location, there is a High Priest making intercession for you that you will finish your journey and wake up in the paradise of God. Perry Stone is uniquely qualified to deliver answers to important questions that people have about heaven and hell, including:

Where is hell located?

Are there “gateways” into hell within the geography of our Earth?

Where is paradise, the temporary home for people who will one day live eternally in heaven?

What are the time-light mysteries that help explain the afterlife?

Who will be in heaven? Will our pets be there?

How will the dead be remembered on earth?

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