Living On A Prayer

Living On A Prayer
Title: Living On A Prayer
Series Number: 1
Published: 11/6/2019
ISBN: 1706215444
ISBN13: 9781706215448
Page Count: 196
File Size: 0.3 MB

An Inspirational Christian Romance

She Prayed for Change and Prayer Changed Her.April Bybee has always been a praying wife and a loving mother. She and Justin had built a good life together and were raising three beautiful children. Problems in their home life only emerged five years ago when Justin was promoted to district manager. He started working longer hours and spent less time with the family. Now, with a new promotion on the horizon, April fears the problems she’s been praying over are only about to get worse.

How God will answer those prayers will not only catch April by surprise but will stretch her faith in ways she never thought possible.

A praying wife desperate for change and a husband who only wants to give his family a good life. Sometimes, our best intentions don’t match God’s perfect plan for our lives. It’s in our most trying moments that He shapes us, defines us, and calls us His own.

An inspirational Christian romance that will inspire your faith, lift your spirit, and remind you of the beauty in God’s perfect timing.

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