God I Feel Modern Tonight

God I Feel Modern Tonight: Poems from a Gal about Town
Title: God I Feel Modern Tonight: Poems from a Gal about Town
Published: 2/1/2021
ISBN: 9780593318348
ISBN13: 9780593318348
File Size: 0.2 MB

Tragicomic verses from the award-winning comedian and millennial renaissance woman.

Catherine Cohen, the one-woman stand-up chanteuse who has electrified the downtown comedy scene in her white go-go boots, has been posting poignant, unfiltered poems on social media since before Instagram was a thing. A self-proclaimed self-obsessed millennial on the prowl with her beaded bag, she ponders good and bad dates, English-major dreams, the Lululemon employee who murdered her coworker, and other weighty matters in these captivating short lyrics that speak to and about her generation. “I just heard a guy in my uberpool admit to having ‘low-key misogyny issues, ‘” Cat confides; “I wish I were smart instead of on my phone”; “heartbreak, / when it comes, and it will come / is always new.” A Dorothy Parker for our time, a Starbucks philosophe with no primary-care doctor, this poet and rising megastar is a welcome new breed of everywoman–a larger-than-life best friend, who will say all the outrageous stuff we think but can’t say out loud ourselves.

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