FOOT REFLEXOLOGY: Easy Techniques to Improve Your Health. Bonus Face and Ear Info!
Title: FOOT REFLEXOLOGY: Easy Techniques to Improve Your Health. Bonus Face and Ear Info!
Published: 9/11/2020
Page Count: 80
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Do you want to heal common ailments with simple foot therapy?
Do you want to know how foot reflexology works?
If you answered YES, then this is the right book for you. The basic concept of performing Foot reflexology on yourself is nearly the same for each pressure point in the hands and each pressure point in the feet. If you find that the do it yourself techniques in this book are helping you; be adventurous and try the other reflexes on the charts that have been provided. You will be amazed how much of a difference reflexology can make.
Foot reflexology is not for everyone, but it can be a helpful tool for some. The practice takes only minutes a day, but the effects on mood and pain level can be significant. By maintaining focus and relaxation, and repeating a few simple movements, you can learn to work with your body to combat pain and depression.
Foot reflexology is considered a form of therapy that holistically approaches the patient. It means that unlike other methods of therapy, foot reflexology tends to work on the whole person, instead of organs or systems alone.
In foot reflexology, a lot of parts of an individual are going to be considered. It includes psychological, spiritual, responsive, and physical issues. By approaching the patient through this, reflexology makes sure that every part of the patient is being observed, rather than just one thing.
Another benefit of foot reflexology is its non-invasive method. It means that it does not rely on damage of the tissue or the use chemicals to effect the way your body functions. Instead, foot reflexology stimulates the own mechanisms of the body to heal itself. It means that you’re not likely to experience the side effects from drugs or other invasive processes.
Though foot reflexology is very helpful to treat different health conditions, it does not mean that you can only take advantage of it when you are not well. Foot reflexology can also be used on someone who is in good health. Through this, you are able to use it to do other functions like making the immune system resilient, on top of developing other different systems in the body like the digestive and respiratory systems. Performing regular foot reflexology guarantees that you keep on being healthier than if you do not do it at all. Foot reflexology plays an important role in reducing stress and the implications caused due to immense stress.
Foot zone therapies are used to stimulate the nerves to create a calming sensation. Foot reflexology facilitates the repairing process for human body by controlling the emotional side of the brain. Accumulation of unwanted energy in body parts leads to health issues. The use of therapy techniques helps in releasing this energy so that the body can nurture itself.
The lack of body’s ability to produce the regulated number of hormones also leads to a number of stress related problems. Foot reflexology helps in regulating the hormonal flow to ease the healing process. By consulting an experienced reflexology practitioner, you can finally wave goodbye to these old hormone related problems and rid your body of minor issues that result in bigger health problems.

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