Final Cut

Final Cut
Title: Final Cut
Published: 8/25/2020
ISBN: 0062382179
ISBN13: 9780062382177
Page Count: 368
File Size: 1.1 MB

For generation Blackwood Bay, a quaint village in Northern England, has been famous only for the smuggling that occurred along its coastline centuries ago, but then tow local girls disappear bringing the town a fresh and dark notoriety. When Alex, an ambitious documentary filmmaker, arrives in Blackwood Bay, she intends to have the residents record their own stories as her next project. But instead of a quaint community, Alex finds a village blighted by economic downturn and haunted by a tragedy that overshadows every corner.

Alex pushes on with her work, but secrets old and new rise to the surface, raising tensions and suspicions in a town already on edge. Alex’s work takes her to dark places and uncomfortable truths which threatens to lead to a deadly unraveling.

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