Book Request

We are dedicated to providing unlimited free ebooks for your enjoyment and will therefore keep working to increase the number and genres of books available on our website. We also accept requests from you to upload specific books. To make a book request, you must;

  • Be an email subscriber to this website.
  • Make use of our Search function to make sure the book is not already available on our site.
  • Make sure the book is a published work.
  • Provide the Book Title and Author Name.
  • Send your book request to
  • Include your subscription email in your request.

All book requests will be handled within 48 hours. Please drop a comment below after sending your book request so we can notify you whenever the books are available.

PLEASE NOTE: We may be unable to handle your request if a free ebook copy of the requested book cannot be found after 48 hours or if putting up such book on our website will amount to copyright infringement. Thank you.

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