Medicinal plants have been in used from Chinese, Egyptians and Ayurvedic herbal medicine of India.

Many proponents of herbalism have pointed out that current pharmaceutical drugs are compounds derived from plants. Scientific studies are not conducted on the efficacy and safety of herbal medicine. Thus, herbal medicine can only rely on anecdotal evidence plus ancient and cultural use of herbal plants.

But even then, there are several independent studies that have shown and proven that certain medicinal plants are not only effective but are also safer than its pharmaceutical counterpart. While medications are often given to mask symptoms, herbs used in conjunction with dietary and lifestyle changes address the cause of illness and enable people to heal and live healthy, happy lives.

People are rediscovering how good it feels to bring herbs into their everyday activities for positive, long-lasting change. Herbs can be strong and effective while also being gentle enough even for children, pregnant and nursing moms, and individuals with compromised immune systems against modern viruses.

This book covers the following topics:

  • Power and Benefits of medicinal plants and herbs
  • Diseases or disorders – Preservation of herbs
  • Medical Herbs – Using Medicinal Plants
  • How to Prepare Medicinal Herbs –
  • Common Aliments that Can Be Treated Using Herbal Medicine. – and much more

Let’s get busy getting to know each medicinal plant’s quality and benefit to get you started in creating your own medicinal plant concoctions.

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