Mania (Jon Stanton Thrillers 9) - Victor Methos


Jon Stanton finds his life unraveling. His fiancé has left him. His panic attacks are growing more acute. He’s attacking his job with ferocity and violence. After nearly killing a human trafficker after he had surrendered, Stanton realizes he’s losing control. And knows it all stems from one incident: the disappearance of his sister Elizabeth twenty-seven years ago.

For the sake of his own sanity, Stanton begins the investigation he’s needed to complete for three decades. But everywhere he turns leads to a dead-end.

The first big break comes at the discovery of several bodies entombed inside the home of a teacher at Elizabeth’s junior high school. Armed with a resolve that he will do anything to find out what happened to her, Stanton dives into Seattle’s child pornography and abduction underground, only to find as the truth emerges that some secrets might be better left buried.

Bestselling author Victor Methos continues his Jon Stanton saga with a dark, heart-pounding thriller that exposes Stanton’s character like no other thriller before it. Once you see the world through Jon Stanton’s eyes, it’s hard to see it any other way.

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