Battling Brexit (Europe's Lost Children) - Andrew Anzur Clement


Elena Marković always knew that she was different, raised in a secret compound, training in martial arts and world languages. One day she finds out why: she is the granddaughter of Maršal Josip Broz Tito, the former strongman of Yugoslavia, making her the next leader of a country that no longer exists. Elena’s parents entrust her with a mission to see that all of the former Yugoslavia’s nationalities live again together in brotherhood and unity – this time, as members of the European Union.

Wide-eyed and eager, Elena sets out for Brussels. She quickly finds that she is not prepared for life in the EU’s capital. But delaying her mission is not an option. With the help of two orphaned refugee brothers, Elena uncovers a diabolical conspiracy to unleash a wave of terror attacks in Europe in order to convince the United Kingdom to leave the EU.

With no one in the diplomatic community willing to believe them, Elena and her new friends are on their own. The fate of Brexit – and all of Europe – now depends on a scrappy band of college students from the Balkans. They must battle corrupt bureaucrats and bloodthirsty extremists if they are to save Europe’s future. Will Elena’s good intentions be enough to keep the EU from breaking apart?

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