Valkyrie Academy Dragon Alliance: Books 6-10 (Omnibus Edition) - Katrina Cope


Magic is power, but also a nemesis.

Kara’s magic grows, and so does the number of her enemies. With this power, she has a better chance to protect her friends and allies. Except, her magic has captured the dark elves’ attention, and when they attack Asgard, they make the fight personal endangering her friends’ lives.

Desperate for help and answers, Kara discovers the elusive Loki proves harder to track down than expected. He has promised aid but fails to intervene.

Enemies turn allies, and allies become enemies. Kara must decipher who is on her side before it’s too late. No one is safe, not even the dragons.

The dragon rider, twisted Norse tale you won’t want to miss, continues. In this collection, the intensity increases. Hang onto your seat for nail-biting suspense, exhilarating adventures, entertaining dragons, and epic battles. The mischievous Loki will never cease to amaze, and with the help of her dragon, the beloved wingless Valkyrie, Kara, must rise from underdog to champion to save Asgard from Ragnarok.

The omnibus edition of Valkyrie Academy Dragon Alliance contains books 6-10: Ambushed, Warned, Abducted, Besieged & Deceived.

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