Industrial Psychology - Vikram Bisen, Priya


“Psychology of industry is the study of human behaviour which gets influenced by different environmental conditions. These are may be ventilation, illumination, temperature, noise etc. Industrial Psychology is applied to the workplace as to measure attitudes of employees and employers, organizational behaviour, workplace environment and its effects, and much more.

Industrial Psychology is very important in the workplace for promoting productive worker attitudes and behaviours and for selecting and promoting workers in the most effective fashion. Psychology plays major role in improving human relations and also in solving industrial dispute.

Psychology also helps in explaining difference in individuals relating to interests, aptitudes, specialties, intelligence etc. Industrial Psychology is a comparatively recent subfield of psychology. In fact it did not become fully productive until about the late 1920’s. […] Industrial psychology is now a subject of study in almost all universities besides management therefore we feel pleasure to introduce this book, which will be useful to all such students of graduate and post graduate courses.” – Authors

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