Darlin Don't Leave Me - Crystal Bella


I loved him, I married him didn’t I? On a whim I married him. On a whim I gave him my virginity and on a whim I moved to Texas with him. Did I love him enough? Enough to give up my life in England? Enough to give up my family? Enough to give up my job? Enough to build a life with him? No, I didn’t think I did.

So I came home again. I left him. I did a moonlight flit, in the dead of the night, I walked out on him. The problem is, I took something of his with me and one day I would need to return it. Which meant going back. Back to America. Back to my husband. Back to the ranch. Back to my Cowboy. Did I mention that he was a Cowboy?

Everyone loves a Cowboy……….

This is the first book in the Darlin series.

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