Spark - Ella Goode


When the coffee shop owned by Bailey Blakely’s found family is threatened by a new corporate coffee house, Bailey immediately makes her protest signs and starts marching in front of the building. She charms the construction workers, the project manager, and, without knowing, the owner of the franchise—Jackson “Jax” Roberts.

Jax is so successful in his coffee kingdom that he’s bored. He’s assembled a team of professionals that scout new locations, train new owners, and launch new ventures. He doesn’t have to do a thing.

Then one day he gets a call that there’s a problem with one of their latest acquisitions. All it takes is watching one video of Bailey marching around in front of his construction site with her handmade protest sign and he’s smitten.

To Jax, Bailey’s a hot mess of baking products, marker and glitter, but he’s never seen anyone sexier in his life. He’ll do anything for her to move her picketing from outside his building to inside his bedroom…even if it includes a little blackmail.

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