Beautifully Unfinished - Holly C. Webb


Lucy Chance’s life was changed in just one night. While at a high school party, she was assaulted and everything she believed about her life, was gone in a heartbeat.

Nine years later, Lucy is a successful New York Photographer. She has her life just how she wants it, keeping everyone at a safe distance.

That is until her father, the local police chief, is injured in a bank robbery. Lucy must put her fears aside and go back to the town that once turned its back on her. She must face old ghosts, which include Riley, her high school sweetheart. Tucker, the boy who saved her that night, and Trent, the boy who ruined her life.

Can she put old ghosts to rest and find the courage to love once again, or will the man that haunts her dreams, destroy her life forever. Is her life destined to remain Beautifully Unfinished?

Note: This book has previously been published under the name of Beverley Hollowed

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