When You Were Mine – Crystal Kaswell

I lost her once. I won’t lose her again.

After my brother’s death, I was drowning and Delilah was my life raft. We were opposites, the outspoken art student and the brooding athlete. She was passionate where I was apathetic, bright where I was dark, soft where I was hard.

For two years, we had everything. Then she left and took my heart with her.
I tried to heal. To throw myself into medical school. To forget her. I thought I did.

Until today.

Those blue eyes, that sweet smile, the soft curves–that’s my Delilah. As soon as I hear her laugh, I know. She’s what’s missing from my life. I have three days. Either I win her back or I stay broken forever.

When You Were Mine is a romance collection featuring BrokenDangerous Kiss, and Hooking Up. Plus extended excerpts of Dirty Husband and The Best Friend Bargain. Come read this collection of emotional second chance romances and find out why readers say “no one writes broken bad boys like Crystal Kaswell.”

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