Pandemic: Trapped in paradise – Ashley Rose


Everyone said it would be safe to travel, as long as we avoided Europe. For the first time in my 17 years, we took a family vacation to a tropical place for spring break. The first few days were amazing—a dream come true.You see, I met a boy. (That is the understatement of the decade.)Cody broke my heart in less than 24 hours. It’s true. I resigned myself to never seeing him again.

Then they closed the borders. Now we’re stuck in Mexico. Stuck is relative. I mean we’re in one of the most beautiful places on earth. But I’m scared and wish I could go home. But then again, that would mean never seeing Cody again …


She’s the most beautiful and amazing girl I’ve ever met. But it won’t work. Not in a million years. I live in Minnesota and she lives in California. I don’t do the long-distance thing. And yet … I’ve never met anyone like her. When I told her it wouldn’t work, she argued and came up with a plan. A plan that would ruin everything I’d worked so hard for the past four years.And after 24 hours with her, I was ready to give up all my dreams just to see her again.

But I couldn’t do it. It would destroy my parents. After everything they’ve been through, I vowed that I would never cause them any pain ever again. So I lied, and told Summer something that guaranteed she’d forget about me. I had to. It was the only way. But then when we tried to go home, the whole world turned upside down overnight. The borders are closed. We’re in Mexico indefinitely. It would’ve been an answer to my prayers. Except that now Summer hates me.

Pandemic is a sweet and cute YA/NA romance when a vacation in Cancun brings Cody and Summer together.
I really enjoyed this story: it’s light even though it happens during covid-19 pandemic (hence the title) but, at the same time, it’s a story of comfort and hope in the future.

Susana M. S., Amazon Review

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