Invisible Rider (Dragon Force 3) – Lucia Ashta

The hunted becomes the hunter.

Anira is part of the Dragon Force, whose purpose is to protect the dragons, sacred to their people.

The chieftain of their tribe intends to steal the power of the dragons, and keep it for himself. Now he’s allied with shadow people, who ride the dragons—something none of the force has managed to do.

Stopping the chieftain before he succeeds in destroying her tribe is more urgent than ever. He’s only getting stronger.

But so is Anira. With the elite members of the force on her side, and with unexpected emerging powers, she has a chance at taking down the chieftain.

He forbade magic to prevent people like her.

Well, she’s about to give the chieftain a real reason to fear her. 

I cannot express how utterly fantastic I found this. Where I expected more darkness, Lucía only filled it with more light. The growth of the characters, and widening of their world, makes me curious where else this tale could go. I do hope Lucía writes more in this universe, but if not, I will still faithfully read whatever she writes

A. Meyers, Amazon Review

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