Invisible Bound (Dragon Force 2) – Lucia Ashta

If she reveals herself, she dies. If she doesn’t, her tribe—and the dragons it protects—will suffer a worse fate.

Nothing has been easy for Anira since the day she was born an invisible twin, a fact which makes her doubly forbidden. Now she understands that the chieftain forbade magic only so he could steal the power from her tribe and use it against the dragons. She vows to stop the chieftain.

But she can’t stop him alone. She needs the dragons to take him down, and she can’t end up one of their mid-morning snacks.

The elite team of the Dragon Force has been working with the dragons for generations. To enlist the force’s help, she’ll need to reveal who she is, the one thing she’s worked all her life to avoid.

But when the only way to protect those she loves is to sacrifice herself, not even her twin can hold her back.

Especially not when she’s the secret weapon they’ll use to defeat the chieftain.

As with the first book, this one was awesome. I am looking forward to learning more about faithum and how it will work for the forcers. On to the next book.

Kathleen, Amazon Review

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