Superhero – Victor Methos


A wave of unprecedented violence rages across Los Angeles. Instigated by a new gang called the Myrs, they are known for their lust for murder and led by the most ferocious gang leader in the city’s history: a giant known only as Agamemnon. Someone many believe is not human.


Jack Kane retires from the DEA. He no longer believes the violence he has perpetrated in the name of justice is worth it. Coming home to Los Angeles, he discovers a city torn apart by gang warfare. When the violence nearly kills the ones he loves, Jack can no longer sit by and watch and vows to take down the deadly Myrs.

But Agamemnon displays superhuman abilities. Jack is left broken in mind and body after even a brief confrontation. Laying in the hospital near death, a woman enters his life and offers him a chance to defeat Agamemnon.

But to defeat him, he must become like him…

I’ve always been interested in superheroes. Ever since buying D.C. comics years ago. And this book didn’t disappoint. And just when I thought Victor Mentos had reached his apex with the Jon Stanton series, he has reached a new genre. Kudos.

Karen Kincaid, Goodreads Review

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