Fireheart (A Standalone Reverse Harem Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Romance Novel) – Michaela Haze

It started with a curse, and ended with a crown.

When Helena, a young jewellery appraiser, finds herself in possession of a crown, made from no metal she has ever seen before, she is thrown into a world full of Demons, treasure and violence.

Three men are determined to find the crown at all costs. An exiled Fae Lord, a Demon King and a lost warrior.

King Mammon wants both the crown, and Helena. Ryn desires nothing more than his freedom from his curse, and if he has to set Helena up to take his place, so be it. Misha’s birth right determines that he must protect Helena. Not love her.

Will Helena be able to break the curse plaguing the Fifth Circle of Hell, Greed? Will she want to, when she realises the extent of their plan for her?

**Fire Heart is a standalone Reverse harem paranormal, demon/fae shifter, urban fantasy romance novel**
**Contains M/M and MFM sex and Demons!*
(Fire Heart is a reverse harem, and contains scenes of multiple partner sex.)

I enjoyed the story, the characters and everything from beginning to end but it did feel like something was missing. No cliffhanger but looking forward to the next one. Will be interesting to see where things go next. Favourite character was Mammon.

Natalie Panda Eyes, Goodreads Review

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