Jesus an Essene – Edward Planta Nesbit

Jesus an Essene, is a short book espousing a theory of Jesus being an Essene.

Finally a book that supports my hypothesis that Jesus was an Essene. For the past several years I’ve researched to determine as much as possible about how Jesus was able to live and promote the life he lived that is so distant from the lives of whom call themselves Christians. Thank you for writing this book and will be an informative guide to those that share a similar question!

Betty A. Lyle, Amazon Review

The author is obviously sincere in his arguments. However, most of his theory is SUPPOSITION and is as solid as a piece of Swiss cheese. This work is aimed as discrediting Jesus and Christians will see through its numerous holes easily.

Sky Mills, Amazon Review

All this time I’ve been lied to by organized religion. This finaly cuts through to the truth. Now I can see why things are presented the way they are in the bible. All I ask is the truth. I feel better for reading this book.

Kenneth E. Braun, Amazon Review

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