Plant Based Diet for Beginners: The Plant Based Beginner’s Cookbook to Lose Weight, Cleanse Your Body and Living Healthy – Gabriel Greene

Are you concerned about the state of the planet or your own health?

Have you identified that a plant based diet could be the solution for many of our problems?

Do you want to make the change to a meatless diet and live a healthier life?

Millions of people from around the world are seeing the benefits of eating a plant based diet, not just for their own health and overall wellbeing, but for the planet’s as well. Of course, if you have been used to eating an omnivorous diet for decades this transition away from meat can be hard work, but there is lots of help to get you started.

Inside this new book, Plant Based Diet for Beginners: The Plant Based Beginner’s Cookbook to Lose Weight, Cleanse Your Body and Living Healthy, you will find plenty of great advice that will help you to change the way you eat, with chapters that cover:

  • The benefits of adhering to a plant based diet
  • The nutrients that can be found in a plant based diet
  • The tools you will need in your kitchen
  • A shopping list for the main ingredients
  • A 21 day meal plan
  • Ideas for meals any day of the week
  • Snacks, desserts and smoothies
  • And much more…

With more than 30 recipes and a fabulous meal plan to get started, Plant Based Diet for Beginners is a great way for you to make a tangible change in how you eat. With it, you will look and feel better and know that you are doing something that is long term sustainable as well.

This is a great quick read for anyone wanting to learn more about a whole foods plant-based diet. This book has some really tasty recipes that are easy to fofllow. It includes recipes that use everyday ingredients and are simple to make. I found tghat this book is very interesting to read the comparisons between different mammals and their diet. This guidebook gives you the best tools that you need to take care of your health, protect your body from dangerous diseases, and ensure that you see the results in no time. I would recommend this book to everyone.

Chris Reddick, Amazon Review

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