The Genius Life: Heal Your Mind, Strengthen Your Body, and Become Extraordinary – Max Lugavere

The author of the  New York Times  bestselling  Genius Foods  is back with a lifestyle program for resetting your brain and body to its “factory settings,” to help fight fatigue, anxiety, and depression and to optimize cognitive health for a longer and healthier life.

The human body was honed under conditions that no longer exist. The modern world has changed dramatically since our days as hunter gatherers, and it has caused widespread anxiety, stress, and disease, leaving our brains in despair. But science proves that the body and brain can be healed with the intervention of lifestyle protocols that help us to regain our cognitive birthright.

In The Genius Life, Lugavere expands the Genius Foods plan, which focused on nutrition and how it affects brain health, and expands it to encompass a full lifestyle protocol. We know now that the health of our brains—including our cognitive function and emotional wellness—depend on the health of our gut, endocrine, cardiac and nervous systems as there is a constant feedback loop between all systems.

Drawing on globe-spanning research into circadian biology, psychology, dementia prevention, cognitive optimization, and exercise physiology, The Genius Life shows how to integrate healthy choices in all aspects of our daily routines: eating, exercising, sleeping, detoxing, and more to create a healthy foundation for optimal cognitive health and performance. Among Max’s groundbreaking findings, you will discover:

  • A trick that gives you the equivalent of a “marathon” workout, in 10 minutes.
  • How to get the benefits of an extra 1-2 servings of veggies daily without eating them.
  • The hidden chemicals in your home that could be making you fat and sick.
  • How to boost melatonin levels by up to 58% for deeper sleep without supplements.

The book features an achievable prescriptive 21-day plan for Genius Living that includes daily workouts, meal plans, and meal prep tips, and accompanied with helpful suggestions for healthy swaps and snacks

I really enjoyed reading Genius Life. I had already incorporated Genius Foods into my diet and this book is helping me enhance my life with additional habits and practices. Each chapter focuses on a different topic. The information is backed by science, yet written in a way that is easy to understand. Max gives practical ways to implement changes to improve your life. I also appreciated the bullet point summations at the end of each chapter.

Erin Halden, Amazon

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