Misisipi – Micheal Reilly

A tragic childhood act has been rippling out across 25 years and now, in New Orleans on the eve of Hurricane Katrina, it’s a tidal wave which will engulf everyone it touches. Julianna Jameson is leaving home. She packs a bag. She books a flight. She leaves a note on the kitchen counter. She departs her Boston home and disappears, without a warning, without a goodbye.

For husband Scott, the initial shock carries a strange relief: their slide–from storybook soul mates to virtual strangers–could only end one way and it’s been a long time coming. And anyway, Julianna has always been… unconventional. All that remains is to decipher the meaning behind her cryptic note. But that’s before Scott finds evidence of her secret other actions on the day she left. A torrent of discovery shows just how little of Julianna’s past he truly knew. They also cast a whole different light on the couple’s present difficulties and offer Scott a sliver of hope for rescuing their future.

All he has to do now is follow her to the place where her dark history has called her home, where two powerful and ruthless adversaries are waging the endgame of a long and bloody feud. Julianna is the key. She’s the only one who can stop it, because she’s the one who started it. Julianna is going home for the last time–to the city by the sea at the mouth of the river.

“A secret is a rotting anchor, hidden in deep water. You drop it and convince yourself that it’s safe, tethered beyond sight. In that peculiar comfort, you forget that it binds you. And when a storm rolls in, it will not raise.”

“This book will wrench both your heart and gut. For a little while it may even break something.  It’s an emotional hurricane to match the real thing.”

Georgia Mosley (Need To Read, Got To Watch Book Blog)

This was a Great read although I did get a bit lost occasionally when the details for a bit too detailed. But the detail was definitely needed for this story.

Alicia Huxtable, Amazon

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