Forbidden Fruit (Sweet Treats 7) – S.E. Law

Give me just a taste, I whisper. But one taste of the forbidden fruit would never be enough.

Prom night was supposed to be so special, but then I caught my boyfriend cheating on me. With my best friend, no less. My humiliation was complete. I ran from the hotel room with tears in my eyes, my heart breaking.

But then I met Owen.

He’s a huge, handsome long-haul trucker with muscles bulging *out to there* and a drive shaft that makes my mouth water. He says he’ll comfort me after my disastrous prom night.

But what happens when he gives me a baby?

Kristy is the ultimate forbidden fruit.

She’s a member of Dads and Daughters, with the most luscious curves I’ve ever seen. It would be easy to approach her … except I want more.

I want her to be my little girl. To sit in my lap. To giggle when I joke. And I want to play house with Kristy in a very *special* way.

But what happens after I get her pregnant? Sweet young things aren’t supposed to get pregnant!

Owen has his sights set on Kristy, and he’s going to find a way to enjoy his forbidden fruit no matter what it takes. Kristy is lush, curvy and ripe, and when she discovers she’s expecting a child, her world dissolves into a prism of rainbows. Warning: there’s a tiny bit of DD/lg play, but it’s tasty and delicious. All characters in this book are over 18. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always an HEA for my readers.

 A great quick steamy read, with an older man and a younger curvy woman

Alison, Amazon

The storyline was great and the characters were so wonderfully created that I was totally captivated throughout the entire book! I was so invested in this story that I read this book in one sitting!

Pat, Goodreads

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