Keira Grim (The Final Breath Chronicles 2) – V.B. Marlowe

“We are Grims. We weren’t created for happiness. This is a life of service. Nothing more.”

Keira has always tried to be an obedient Grim. She obeys the Covenant, indulges in her studies, and follows the sacred rules of death collection. Life takes an interesting turn after her seventeenth birthday. Her best friend Naomi is being held prisoner by the Grim outcasts. Keira and her friends must make a life-altering decision in exchange for Naomi’s freedom. A man offers them a job that would pay for Naomi’s release. Unfortunately, the job requires them to do the unthinkable and goes against everything the Grims stand for.

Surprisingly, Keira has a more critical problem. Her parents have arranged for her to marry the last person she’d ever imagined. She can’t fathom spending her life with a man whose two previous wives have mysteriously disappeared. There seems to be no way to escape this fate, but Keira is determined to find one.

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