Claimed By The Alphas (Innocent Brides Books 1 – 5) – Izzy Slam

This mega-hot bundle / box set contains the first 5 books in the Innocent Brides Series:

Claimed by the Farmer
19-year-old Claire is about to meet her husband-to-be. She has remained pure in every way and has no idea what to expect. But Joseph is more than willing to get her ready for their wedding night, complete with a tease session that nearly sends her over the edge. She won’t have to endure the tease for long though, as Claire quickly learns that pleasing her husband comes with its own rewards.

Claimed by the Preacher
After being rescued by the town preacher, 19-year-old Aurora is ready to give her innocence to her new owner and master. She’s been aching for that “release” that can only come from your husband. But Preacher Roy claims he’s been called to impregnate her while leaving her innocence intact.
Aurora wonders if that’s even possible. But the real issue is … can she handle “just the tip” from her new preacher husband and still be fully satisfied?

Claimed by the Silver Fox
I’ve just bought my first mobile home and I couldn’t be more excited. But when I move in and find that it’s already occupied by some silver-haired older man, I couldn’t be more pissed. Garret claims that HE’S the proud owner of this hunk of trailer luxury. But he’s wrong, and I’m not going anywhere, no matter how forceful he gets, how many times he threatens to put me over his knee, or how turned on I get at his touch.

I’m just getting settled in my new humble abode when this sexy, innocent young thing walks in, ranting and raving that this is her house and I need to get the heck out. I don’t know who she is, but I’ve never seen anyone so fiery and beautiful all at once.

Apparently we’ve been scammed, and we both own this trailer. But I’m the man of this house, and with my years of experience, I know how to hush that mouth of Lilly’s. I don’t have to turn her over my knee to get what I want. And by the time I’m done with her, she’ll be begging this silver fox to stay.

Claimed by the Ex-Con
It’s the wild, wild west, and after losing both parents in a fire, 18-year-old innocent Ella Logan doesn’t know much about the big, bad world. But she does know one thing: when she spots Dyer Wilson walking out of the jailhouse and eyeballing her from head to toe—all six feet of him, covered in big, bulging muscles and long, facial hair—she ought to scurry on home before it gets dark.

But Dyer has other plans. He’s been locked behind bars for several years and is desperate for the touch of a woman. An innocent woman would be even better. And the second his gaze falls on the raven-haired beauty, he vows to make her his, no matter how “pushy” he has to get.

Claimed by My Dad’s Best Friend
It feels like I’ve waited a lifetime for my 18th birthday. And so far, it seems perfect. But then Granger Stevens walks in, looking all kinds of gorgeous, and can’t seem to keep his hands off my innocent body. He has one message: I belong to him, and he plans to take what’s his. But he’s wrong. Because I know my dad, and he will never turn me over to this hot older man, even if they are best friends.

Callie’s dad has some serious gambling issues. So far, he’s borrowed nearly $100,000 from me, and it doesn’t look like he’ll pay it back anytime soon. But when I attend his daughter’s 18th birthday party and realize how much she’s blossomed into a drop-dead gorgeous blond, I know right away I’ll take her over the money. It’s been too long since I’ve laid my hands on such young, innocent flesh, and Callie’s everything I want in a wife. I don’t care if Dan is my best friend. I’m going to lay claim to his daughter forever.

WARNING: For mature readers over the age of 18 years.

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