A Hostile Takeover (A Sweet Revenge Series Book 1) – Matilda Martel

Kaleb has been avoiding his hometown for the last 15 years.

When his closest friend, Landon, stole his college sweetheart, he left for New York and swore he’d never return. Now, he’s back for their friend’s wedding and he’s still holding a grudge.

Sofia is Landon’s ex-girlfriend. She hates him. She doesn’t want to be at this wedding, but he’s promised not to stage a hostile takeover of her best friend’s company if she plays along and makes nice one more weekend.

He’s hoping he can win her back. But his plan backfires.

Sofia and Kaleb have crossed paths before.

Explosive chemistry and instant love bring them whirling back into each other’s arms and sexy Kaleb teaches Landon all about a different kind of hostile takeover.

Wow. This one exceeded all my expectations in a good way. We have a couple of loose elements here, a little revenge, a little insta-love, and a little second change romance, but the real thrust of the story is just a good old-fashioned boy meets girls and makes things happen…

Doug Williamson, Amazon Review

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