Billion Dollar Wolves: A Boxset – Dee Bridgnorth

Five brothers struggle to keep a sexy secret in a world that expects them to be playboys…

Book 1: Cut the Apron Strings
Jason King is the youngest of five brothers. Twenty-five is too old to be the baby. Skye Kincaid is a hungry journalist looking for the next big story. When the patriarch of the King family dies in a sudden and suspicious hunting accident, Skye is sure she’s found her story. But it will take more than digging to pull the skeletons out of the King family closet. The closer Skye gets to the truth, the more she realizes what is at stake. This isn’t just a story. It might be the love of her life.

Book 2: Mother Tongue
Edward King has always considered himself willing to help the family business along. After all, family first. But when family first means going out with women that are mother approved, Edward digs in his heels. He’s already got his sights set on Diana. Their romance may have fizzled out, but Edward knows just how to heat it up. Then Diana comes to Edward with a job opportunity that seems almost too good to be true. Edward and Diana will have to fight for a chance to love who they want. After all, there’s no room for Edward’s travel plans in the matriarch’s playbook and the mother of all mothers is not above playing dirty to get what she wants.

Book 3: Eyes in the Back of Her Head
Zane King loves everything there is to being a shifter. Unfortunately for Zane, his mother doesn’t approve. When Zane rebels, his mother cuts him off. Thankfully for Zane, he has an old school friend who is willing to take him in. Landry is the hardest working woman Zane has ever met. Zane quickly realizes that he’s going to have to step up and grow up if he’s going to be worthy of a woman like Landry. Lucky for him Landry is a girl who knows that Zane King is one of a kind.

Book 4: Mum’s the Word
Devon King has a secret. He’s in love with a woman who is just all wrong for him in more ways than he can count. Devon is almost sure he’s all wrong for her too. Kami is different. She’s the janitor who cleans the building where the King family has their business. With all of the upheaval and drama, Devon and Kami’s relationship has remained in the shadows. But the time for that has passed. Devon has to step up and show Kami just how he feels or he runs the risk of losing her for good.

Book 5: The Mother of All
Orion King has turned himself inside out to be the son his mother has always wanted. Unfortunately for all of the Kings, their mother isn’t exactly the maternal type. Eleni Ariosa has a similar problem and a similar mother. In fact, Eleni and Orion have mothers who are best frenemies with all the drama that comes with it. Soon enough Orion and Eleni realize that there’s more going on with their badly behaving mothers than either of them realized. As the tangled web of greed and lies begins to unravel, Eleni and Orion start spending a lot of time investigating past events and even more time investigating the strange attraction brewing between them. Sometimes common ground is the only thing you can cling to.

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