DCI Jack Mason series Box Set – Michael K Foster

Meet Jack Mason. Dangerous. Determined. Driven. Welcome to the world of murder, CSI, serial killers and everything in between.

The terrifying bestseller that started it all. Over 750 pages of addictive and unpredictable action and suspense:

1. The Wharf Butcher

Freed by a jury in the morning. Found dead later that night.

A serial killer is stalking Tyneside. But there is a pattern to his killings, his choice of victims, his method of slaughter. David Carlisle, a criminal profiler, is brought in to assist DCI Jack Mason with his task of identifying the killer and stopping him in his tracks. The Wharf Butcher is a fast-paced thriller that shines a light on the dark forces at work within the corridors of power, in the board room and the police force itself. The clock is ticking to catch the monster that has been unleashed. But first Carlisle must get inside the killer’s head…

2. Satan’s Beckoning

They thought they had the perfect game plan… but a serial killer had other ideas

When a fatal road crash turns out to be murder, DCI JACK MASON is sent to investigate. Within the seemingly dark vaults of the police missing persons files lay untold dangers. Young women are easy pickings for a serial killer who believes God has sent him to rid the world of an overindulgent appetite for greed. When criminal profiler DAVID CARLISLE is drafted in to assist, Carlisle is faced with the killer’s wrath.

‘Satan’s Beckoning’ is a fast-paced crime thriller with a cliffhanging conclusion.

3. The Suitcase Man

A killer on the loose. A headless torso on his hands. Has Jack Mason’s past finally caught up with him?

When DCI Jack Mason is sent to investigate a gruesome double murder, his entire world is turned upside down. The ex-wife of a notorious gangster lies dead, a second victim’s body is missing, and the evidence doesn’t stack up. A few days later, when a young man’s body turns up hidden inside a city storage locker, the head and hands are missing. With Jack’s powers of investigation tested to the limit, a criminal profiler is brought in. But, the inner workings of this killer’s mind won’t be easy to decipher. In a world of human trafficking, drugs, and gangland unrest, who can Jack trust? Dripping with atmosphere and sense of place, the Suitcase Man is a puzzle that will keep you on the edge of your seat! There’s suspense, humour, and a dash of romance thrown in.

All three books in one nail-biting, suspense filled package. Don’t forget to like and share.

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