Wild: The Boys of Hell’s Bitters Collection (A Contemporary Romance Box Set) – Teagan Kade

Warning: These books are rated Hot!!!!

The Hell’s Bitters Boys. Alphas. Protectors. Bad to the bone. Fall for the hottest mountain men around in a collection box set of 3 Amazon Best Sellers. Picking a favorite? Impossible. Putting the book down? No way!

Books included:

You can’t tame a beast that’s truly wild.
She’s my best friend’s sister. But I don’t see ‘off limits’. I see a challenge. Little Ava’s come home with curves in all the right places and a sassy mouth to match. She’s forbidden forest fruit ripe for the ravaging.
But I’m going to take her body before I take her heart.

My mountain, my rules.
Until Federal Agent Edie Ness arrives and breaks every god-damned one of them. With her perfect curves and sassy mouth she’s going to get herself killed going after these poacher bastards. Unless I stand in their way. Because I always protect what’s mine.
And she will be mine–screaming and moaning for every hard inch.

Tame me? The Mountain King? She can try.
I don’t do commitment. The only strings in my life are the lacy, hanging-off-the-bedhead kind. Getting laid is a matter of clicking my fingers. But Lexi Shane is different. Her country smile and soft curves don’t fool me. She’s hiding something… and it’s more than a great ass.
She wants the legend of Hell’s Bitters, she’s going to get it. The entire length of my long, hard mountain wood.

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