The Rhapta Key: An Alex Hunt Adventure Thriller (Alex Hunt 1) – Urcelia Teixeira

Riddle solving artifact hunting, courage and danger are at the core of this page-turner that will have you experience Africa from your favorite armchair like never before!

When Alex Hunt’s mother tragically dies during her lifelong quest to find Africa’s ancient lost city of Rhapta, Alex develops Agoraphobia — an unnatural fear of specific places and situations. She vows to never go on another archaeological expedition again. But when her father, Professor Charles Hunt, Head of Archaeology at a prestigious British University mysteriously disappears several years later, it forces her out of hiding to find him.

With nothing to lose, battling her worse fears and with the mighty University behind her, she travels to Tanzania, Africa in search of her missing father.

Tasked to go with her, the inexperienced Sam Quinn joins her on an action-packed adventure through the treacherous African savannah. Faced with an abundance of danger, fear, and heartache they come face to face with sabotage, crime and betrayal that will test their inner strength and will to survive.

Will she find her father and the infamous lost city of Rhapta or will she die at the hands of the natives who believe the vanished city is best kept undiscovered?

Jam-packed action with real-life historical facts. It’s a fast-paced adventure thriller that will without doubt have you pick up the second book in the series!

If you love Ernest Dempsey, Clive Cussler and Scott Mariani, then you’ll love The RHAPTA KEY!

(Previously known as ALEX HUNT and The Chase for Rhapta)

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