Slaying Year Two (Grim Reaper Academy 2) – Cara Wylde

Two hotter-than-hell boyfriends to juggle, one merciless archangel who wants me dead, and then there’s Francis. I still don’t know what his deal is, and after that fateful night in the caves beneath the Academy, I’m not sure I want to know.

Everything around me is changing, but I’m the same. I’m still the only human. No powers, no special skills to speak of. Just a prophecy that says a human will one day retire the most powerful Grim Reaper alive, but I doubt I’m the savior the supernatural world has been waiting for. If I am, the implications are too horrible. Because this powerful being they’re afraid of… is my real father.

Author’s Note: This is book 2 in the Grim Reaper Academy series, intended for mature audiences. Please be advised that it may contain situations that are triggering to some, profanity (way more than in my previous books!), and a lot of steam.

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