Fighting Time (Scarab 2) Hellen Alan

Ancient Mystery – Timeless Love

She thought he was going to kiss her and her breath caught in her throat, but his lips barely brushed hers as he smirked and whispered: “I will take you to my bed again, Little Slave, when you beg me.”

Megan journeys on a dangerous and desperate search to discover who seeks her Scarab necklace before another in her close-knit circle is killed. And she will soon find that some she thought were friends are not, and some she thought were enemies might be the only hope she has.

This, the second in the Scarab trilogy, sees Megan, once again, in Ancient Egypt, where she and her friends, the Immortal Chortles, uncover a plot that could threaten the very existence of mankind. But while she needs all the help she can get to find out who is trying to kill her, Megan also finds herself fighting for the love of one she knows no amount of time will ever erase from her heart.

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