The Heir and the Spare(Box Set) – Fiona Miers

Romantic stories of four friends who unexpectedly, and reluctantly, inherit their father’s titles.
Meet the spare sons of London’s aristocracy… and the women who capture their hearts.

Book 1 – Sarah’s Reluctant Duke

The love of a Duke will save her…
…but will his family tear them apart?

Sarah Symmons has only one London Season to make a match—her family’s future is at stake. But this country vicar’s daughter faces possible ruin until she’s rescued by the kind and heart-poundingly handsome, Oliver.

Oliver Lyre, Duke of Lincoln, never wanted his title, its responsibilities, or the attention of matchmaking mamas. Rescuing Sarah, and being forced into marriage, is a surprising stroke of luck. She’s a breath of fresh air, showing no interest in his money or station. When the two find love, they think their prayers have been answered… but will the Duke’s family succeed in tearing them apart?

Book 2 – Lady Charlotte’s Ruined Marquess

Finding love among the ton is rare…
…finding a virgin husband is surely impossible.

Lady Charlotte Dunford will only marry for love. She’s already caught the eye of several gentlemen, including her brother’s friend Archie, whose pious nature hides a sparkling wit and fiery passion. But she demands her future husband be a virgin. An impossible condition for the gentlemen of the ton… except for Archie, who’d happily fulfill all her demands.

Archibald Turner’s family has a secret which will ruin their good name. When the axe falls, he’ll need his friends to stand by him. So, he’s dedicated himself to becoming the perfect gentleman. But beneath the perfectly pious façade is a wildly passionate man who desires the one thing he cannot have.
His best friend’s little sister.

Book 3 – Lizzie’s Recalcitrant Earl

Widows are safe for this rakehell to bed…
…until he meets the one widow he can’t forget.

Lizzie Sommers is a wealthy widow in search of a husband. She’s convinced she needs a quiet, respectable man to give her the children she desperately desires. Until she meets notorious rake, Rupert Willoughby. He’s the opposite of what she wants, but exactly what she needs. And her heart leaps before her head can catch up.

Rupert Willoughby dedicated his youth to becoming the worst possible candidate for Earl, a title he never wanted. Society expects him to marry. He needs a wife he can wed, bed and forget. Then Lizzie enters his world and stamps herself onto his heart… but can he truly be the man his beloved deserves?

Book 4 – Hannah’s Rakehell Duke

He’ll show her the pleasures of the bedroom…
…and she’ll show him the value of true love.

American Heiress, Hannah Turner, has been shipped ‘across the pond’ in search of a husband. Accused of impropriety by infamous rake, Lord Dunford, she suppresses her wild side to become a picture-perfect English Lady. But when the handsome reprobate offers to teach her the pleasures of the bedroom, spirited Hannah can’t deny the passion he stirs within.

Lord John Dunford grew up in the storm of a loveless marriage. He’s dedicated himself to the pursuit of pleasure and refuses to marry. Until he meets the beautiful, strong-willed Hannah who makes both his body and heart sing. Suddenly, he yearns for the life he’s always spurned. This lifelong rake must convince the woman he loves that he’s worth the risk.

This is the complete collection of ‘The Heir and the Spare’ series. No cheating, no cliff hangers, and guaranteed super-sweet happily ever afters.

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