Falling for her Boss (Small Town Scandals 2) – Kay Lyons

Dr. Bryan Booker is tired of playing games. Every available — and not-so-available — woman in town is coming onto him and it’s becoming a problem. They fake injuries, paw him when he’s examining them — even sneak into his bed. Hiring a new office manager isn’t as easy as it should be — until Melissa York comes along with her pragmatic manner and no-nonsense ways.

Melissa York has resigned herself to being alone. What man wants a woman with no breasts and a possible cancer recurrence in her future? She’s accepted her fate. But all too soon Melissa finds herself jealous of the women throwing themselves at Bryan which means she’s falling for her boss and if Bryan finds out, he’ll fire her like he did the last one.

Can she keep her feelings to herself — or has Bryan finally found a woman he wants to keep?

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