At the Brink of Despair

Zane is a Lunar born on Earth, a warrior race from the Hidden Moon. He is the only Lunar born without powers, and he encounters hardship as he grows up because of it. After a tragic incident, Zane acquires a sinister power that will help him fight and tap into his dormant Lunar potential.

The Southern Magna Prodigium, Stark receives orders to restore the Lunares Furcifer, a group of the ten most heinous and powerful Lunar Criminals the Earth has seen. With their help, Stark plans on eradicating humanity and destroying Earth to force the Lunar of Earth back to the Hidden Moon.

Zane and his friends embark on a journey to gather allies and find the Lunar Dragons to stop Stark and the Lunares Furcifer. A Lunar civil war between the Lunar of Earth and Stark with the Lunares Furcifer will shake the world.

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