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Emily and Jack married young. Emily then got pregnant and never got the chance to explore sexually. As she approaches 40 and the kids having flown the nest, she on the face of it a happy wife, mother and member of the local community.

By chance she crosses paths with a hunky, alpha male, landscape gardener who superficially offends her with his crude sexist comments about her legs and appearance. At the same time this stirs some deep dark desire she hadn’t even realised was there. A need for her to be with a bigger, rougher male. Left holding his business card, she tries to dismiss the incident. Later she confesses this rather innocuous incident to Jack.

What she doesn’t know is that Jack has always suspected and feared that his gorgeous loving wife had this other dormant sexual side to her. He had always tried to keep her in a sterile, controlled environment to avoid having to face the possibility. Just like his wife, despite his fear he was also weirdly turned on by the thought.

Connivingly, she talks Jack into them getting quotes to renovate their garden and so begins as gripping erotic tale. Can Emily resist her carnal instincts to totally summit to this crude brute when he and his workman take on the job. Jack having enabled her by agreeing to the work being done, now has to face his worst fears and darkest fantasy.

Read this story to see how far each of them are willing to go and if their cosy lives will be changed for ever. Be warned the action is explicit.

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