R Scott Bakker – Aspect Emperor 01 & 02

An epic fantasy series of novels written by Canadian author R. Scott Bakker, the second of three series that make up The Second Apocalypse cycle. It is a sequel to The Prince of Nothing trilogy and will be followed by another final series (either a trilogy or a duology) named The No-God.

The events of The Aspect-Emperor take place twenty years after the conclusion of The Prince of Nothing trilogy. Anasûrimbor Kellhus now rules the entirety of the Three Seas as Aspect-Emperor, and leads all of the nations of the Three Seas on a Holy War against Golgotterath and the Consult, the Great Ordeal.

Drusas Achamian, the former Mandate Schoolman and tutor of Anasûrimbor Kellhus, is now the only Wizard in Eärwa as he begins his own campaign across the Ancient North in hopes of finding the birthplace of the Aspect-Emperor.

Meanwhile, in Momemn, Esmenet struggles to keep control of the New Empire in her husband’s absence.  

Download books 1 – 2 of Aspect Emperor R. Scott Bakker here

Also by R. Scott Bakker; Prince of Nothing 01-03.
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